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COIA ARREDAMENTI: a reality that vaunts fifty years of activity in interior furnishings.

At the end of the nineties the need to design a new and modern exhibition space was understood, capable of interpreting the proposals and desires of our customers.


The current building was inaugurated in two thousand five. The futuristic structure, entrusted to nationally renowned designers, introduces substantial innovations, marking a different direction of interior design, where the comfort of the domestic dimension meets the typical spectacle of leisure. Inside, a path without spatial limitations is an invitation to discover objects and furnishings in a free and immediate way.


Our showroom is much more than a commercial space, it is an emotional space.


It is an exclusive exhibition center with five thousand square meters of surface constantly kept up to date, in the name of architectural rigor and aesthetic avant-garde, in which a vast selection of furnishings and complements of the best brands on the market mark the space, creating a sequence of living scenarios in perfect balance between external beauty and intrinsic functionality.

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Environmental Sustainability

Arredamenti Coia has always paid close attention to the great issue of respect for the environment and the problems related to its active protection.



We completely recycle the packaging of all our products, reusing both cartons and plastics.



An extensive photovoltaic system consisting of three hundred panels positioned on the roof of the plant has been active since February 2011, capable of generating one hundred kilowatt energy covering the entire needs of the company.



The exhibition space is equipped with energy-saving lighting systems.

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